We are currently using the 50mm fixed length ‘nifty fifty’ lens and the 15-85mm EFS Canon lens for travel photography.

These are two of the more reasonably priced Canon lens, and would be early options for upgrading the kit lens that comes with your Canon SLR.


The 15-85 get the most use and is generally on the camera. It is a lot heavier than the nifty fifty though, but we prefer it as it is so much more versatile. It is fun to take the nifty fifty out now and then because it is so light and working with a fixed lens can be challenging in a good way.

Bear in mind when using these lens with an APS-C sensor camera such as the 80D, that the lens has 1.5x crop factor compared to a full frame camera, so a 50mm lens is equivalent to a 75mm lens on full frame or 35mm film camera so is more like a short telephoto than a standard lens.

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