One of the consequences of lockdown was that we were less able to travel and our photography tended to center around our local areas.

For me that meant I was less likely to pick up my camera and take it out to shoot with it. Instead I reached for the camera in my pocket which these days is my smartphone.

High end smartphones have now reached a point where their cameras are very good and it can be difficult to say whether a photo has been taken with a smartphone or a SLR or mirrorless camera.

They also do very good video, and several of the videos on this site were shot solely on smartphone.

While a good quality SLR/Mirrorless will still outperform a smartphone for photography and video, the smartphone for many purposes especially just shooting locally, is good enough.

This video discusses smartphone photography in the 2020s, and I wonder what the future is for dedicated cameras as the cameras in phones get better and better.