These are our top 10 trips we have made so far. We’ve traveled to less than a quarter of the countries in the world, so lots of room for this to change. I can’t put them in order, they’re all great.

AustraliaNingaloo, Karijini and the local culture in Fremantle put Australia on the list, and that’s without getting out of WA.

Azores – an amazing place, so isolated out in the Atlantic ocean, next stop north Iceland then the North Pole and south just the South Pole.

Iceland – I would happily go back to Iceland every year. I will never get tired of the landscapes and the open and friendly people.

Japan – only one trip so far but Japan is already in our top 5. I can see why people move here and stay a long time.

Thailand – the diversity from north to south make this one of our favourite countries, just thinking about Thai food makes me hungry.

Tanzania – the landscape and game of the Serengeti and beauty of the offshore islands made this a trip of a lifetime and so much more of Africa to explore.

Hawaii – our favourite place in the US, Honolulu is fun but getting out into Oahu and visiting the other islands made this a special trip.

India – probably our most stressful trip ever, the country though was unforgettable. Rajastan, Ladakh and Kashmir just scratching the surface.

France – year after year we go back to France. Love this country, its food and many different landscapes.

Norway – it’s been a long time since we visited Norway but it has stayed in the top countries of our early travels. The fjords are beckoning and the beautiful north of the country has never been forgotten.

Would love to hear your top 10, or top 5. Why did you choose them and what countries are at the top of your bucket list?

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