Travel has now returned pretty much to normality since the events of 2020. Occasionally there can be delays or other travel difficulties, but generally you will reach your destination. Travel vlogging too has come back strongly, and there are a bunch of vloggers making good videos again. Some older faces and some new faces. Here’s to a good year for travel in 2024.

These are some of our current favourite travel vloggers:

Jumping Places – followed these guys for a long time. Their chilled out approach to travel is very watchable.

One Pack Wanderers – look forward to these. Always with a smile on their faces and great photography.

Itchy Boots – this channel is awesome. How she produces all this is beyond me

William Taudien – a new find. This Swedish guy is a bit wacky and done some great travel

Wheels to Wander – my favourite cycling travel vloggers without a doubt

Molly Dixon – travelling by 4WD around Australia, getting to some great locations and loving life.

Backpacker Ben – having a laugh in some of the dodgiest parts of the world.

Joel Friend – oh to be young, travelling the world.

Mike Chudley – good street photographer with photo trips abroad and also photo’ing around London

Rhett and Claire – she’s funny, he’s amiable. Lots of interesting videos from these two.

Josh Edwards – making some class travel films, some shorts and some longer form. Currently based in Lombok.

Lost in Transit – nice mix of entertainment and interesting travel

2Passports 1Dream – the next generation of travel vlogger. Good stuff

Would be interested to hear about other travel vloggers, especially slightly older ones to include on this page.

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